The Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

The Best Way to Get Rid of Mice?

The high of mouse population in urban areas makes everyone need to get rid of. The mouse is a source of diseases and also dirty. It is often living in watery environment and areas with sufficient foods. To get rid of mice, it is not an easy way. You must apply the best way to get rid of mice because the mice are smart to prevent traps. Here are the ways.


Camphor is one of ways to get rid of mice. This is regarded to be the most effective material to kick mice away from your house. Camphor is easily found in supermarket or markets close to your house. You can place some pieces of camphor in the areas with high traffic of mice. Mice dislike camphor aroma making them dizzy and died.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

You should prevent to touch camphor without gloves because it is chemical compound getting dangerous if it is swallowed. Please get also more info about pest control Mice hate clean and fragrant environment. Before you putting camphor, you need to clean that area first. Mice hate fragrance of camphor so that those tend to avoid that area. You can put it in a special area for getting mice away.


In addition to use camphor, the best way to get rid of mice is using eggshell. The eggshell is useful to remove mice from your house. The way is taking aside eggshell. Refining eggshell to be powder becomes the next way. The powder can kill mice when it affects it. The mice will twist and move randomly for times. The mice turn around and those are finally died.

You can spread eggshell powder in the areas often crossed mice. The eggshell actually has layers of chalk consisting of 9 to 12 percent of eggshell weight total. There are contents of 94 percent of carbonate calcium, 1 % of magnesium, carbonate, 1 percent of phosphate calcium, and 4 % of organic materials especially protein.


The next way is using vinegar to get rid of mice. It is regarded to be the effective method. If you don’t use the right method to remove mice, you can  use vinegar. The thing to prepare is plastic gloves, cotton ball, vinegar, and bowl. Find the areas with high traffic of mice. Clean it with clean water.

After that, take cotton balls and pour vinegar water. Don’t forget to use plastic gloves when you use this method. Put one cotton ball in a suspicious area to be a habitat of mice in your house. After that, control it routinely. If you find dry cotton ball and no vinegar smell, you should change it with the new ones.


Amonia can be a material to get rid of mice. To use it, mix two spoonfuls oof detergent, a quarter of glass of water and two cups of amonia. Place the liquid in an area that is often crossed mice. The fragrance of amonia is very sting. It usually makes the mice not stand to that fragrance. Be careful of amonia’s placement because it is so strong and dangerous chemical compound that may affect to yourself and family members.

Peppermint Oil

What else is the ingredient to get rid of mice? You can take peppermint oil. This can be the best way to get rid of mice. Peppermint oil can be used to remove mice because those are unable to stand of sting fragrance. The thing to do is dipping some cotton balls in peppermint oil. Then, place it in areas prone to mice. You can use lemongrass or castor oil to change peppermint oil.

Owl Feathers or Plastic Snake

If you have toys at home, you can use it. Plastic snake is a kind of toys regarded to remove mice from your house. You can put some plastic snakes in the garden or home spaces with high mice crossing. This is useful to get rid of mice from house. Don’t get surprised if you place it because sometimes it looks like a real snake shocking you. If you don’t have plastic snake, you can apply owl feathers in the house. It is forcing mice to go away from your house. 


If you have much pepper at home, you can use it to be a way to get rid of mice. The sting aroma of pepper is making human’s nose itchy. It is claimed to be effective for removing mice from your house. To apply this best way to get rid of mice, you only spread little pepper powder in the corners and holes where the mice are living. Wait and see the result then.

Bay Leaf

The mice eat any foods including bay leaf. But, when the mice eat it, it is really killing them softly. It is not realized by the mice as chewing bay leaves. To kill mice, you can put some bay leaves in a mice area. Then, repeat this process until all mice go away from your house. This is requiring a longer process until the mice eat it. Choose the green and fresh bay leaves because the mice prefer it so much.


Garlic is one of most used cooking seasonings taken to cook. Despite of being a cooking seasoning, it tends to be effective for ruling out mice naturally. The garlic aroma is regarded to be disgusting. The thing to do is slicing garlic and keeping it in the close to their hole or own areas. It makes them afraid and going away from your house.

Human Hair

This sounds to be weird to do. But, human hair can be the best way to get rid of mice. The mice are unable to stand of human hair. You can put sheets of human hair and place it to the hole of mice holes. After that, the mice will eat your hair and those will die slowly. Those are some ways on killing mice at home. You can select one of the ways above to eliminate them. All are effective and working well to kick out mice from your house.