Gardening Tools You Should Have

Gardening Tools You Should Have

If you love plants and have a small garden, you should have some basic gardening tools in your toolbox. With the right tools, you can take better care of your garden in less time. Following is a small list of gardening tools that every home gardener should have.

Gardening Tools You Should Have

1. Hand Rake

Hand rake is very useful in picking up garden trash and piles of leaves without damaging plants.

2. Shears

Shears are used for trimming grass around shrubs and tree trunks. They are also used for cutting ornamental grasses and perennials.

3. Hand Pruner

Hand pruner is used to cut less thick branches, clumps of perennials, and many other things. It is a vital tool and often used in scoring and slicing root balls.

4. Hori-Hori

Hori-Hori or Japanese gardener’s knife is a useful multipurpose tool used for digging, weeding, planting bulbs, and cut the roots.

5. Water Breaker

It is a useful tool for irrigating new planting gently, and without damage.

6. Scissors

Scissors are used extensively in gardening. They are used for removing dead flowers and leaves and cutting soft stems. Most gardeners prefer scissors with a spring action.

7. Transplant Spade

This is used for digging holes in densely planted beds.

Gardening Tools You Should Have 2

8. Bow Rake

Bow rake is used for leveling and spreading. For example, you can use to level the ground, spreading mulch, compost, sand, and gravel. It can be used to remove heavy debris as well.

9. Leaf Rake

Use it for collecting leaves, grass clippings, twigs, and other light garden waste.

10. Long-handled Pruner

Long-handled pruner can be used to cut thick branches. There are some long-handled pruners with adjustable length.

11. Round-headed Shovel

This is useful for digging holes in order to plant trees. This gardening tool can also be used to move loose material like soil, compost, and sand.